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part 8th of novel: THE LOVES WAS MUTILATED


For some time Henry was stunned myself .... There was something piercing his heart. Between believing and not if Juminah is half brother .... The letter and the envelope had keoklatan whiteness fell from his hand. Plughh! Suddenly there was a photo out of the envelope which had fallen from his hand ....
Henry squatted photo was reached. With a slumped position on the cold floor seemed to through the pores, Henry studied the photo. Some photo's image is fading. But the image of two people in the photo it looks very clear expression. A pair of men who looked so happy. Surely this is a couple who were intoxicated by love. From the smile and the expression is very clear ... her face was so lit up with a smile sumringah loose.
Henry increasingly drawn to highlight the man who was at that photo .... Henry is very familiar face ... well. The face is the face of Mr. Djatmiko when I was younger .... Yes, this man is a daddy .... Henry wiped photo PapHenry face .... Then Henry began researching her face that it is definitely not photo Mama. The longer the note ... Slowly Henry found a clear outline of the face photo woman ... She is a mother Juminah .... Middle-aged woman who had met .... Juminah time his mother turned out to youth has a more beautiful face and soft from his mama .... No wonder Mr. Djatmiko attracted this woman ... ..
This fact gave the explanation and the real bright spot on the identity of the real Juminah. During this Mama never know if Mr. Djatmiko actually has another woman, to have a female child .... Does this have anything to do with the disappearance Juminah? Yes, Mama could suddenly find out if Juminah is actually the child of Mr. Djatmiko ... Then Mama's wrath and unbeknownst diusirnya Juminah Mr. Djatmiko? Or even Mr. conspiring inyat Djatmiko rid itself Juminah? No! Henry knows exactly when Mr. Djatmiko loved Juminah. Henry often caught, Mr. Djatmiko giving money and gifts on Juminah. So far, Henry has not ever been suspected, because Henry himself was fond of Juminah ....
Brain spinning all night looking for a bright spot of the cause of the loss Juminah .... There are only two possibilities for Juminah .... Juminah secretly expelled, or .... No, Juminah not die! Henry dismissed the possibility of a second. Yes, nyancinya is Mama .... Henry knew Mama wire throughout the house and a room hidden camera since the disappearance Juminah .... This must be a serious problem for Mama. So that Mama was not willing to spend money to equip a house with the bugs and hidden cameras.
Everyone in the house made clam. Henry could not have picked a description of Juminah the people around her .... Except in Mr. Djatmiko ....
Henry took the photo and the letter and put it back into the envelope. This is a bright spot that would make Mr. Djatmiko want to give a picture of Juminah ....
The cold from the air at midnight to early morning start was denouncing his pores. A gentle sweep of a cold wind touched his face. Drowsiness delivered slowly fell asleep. and carried in natural shades of his dreams ... ..
"Mas Henry .... Henry's cold ...., "The voice was so soft Henry touching the eardrum. Juminah with menghamirinya white dress. Her face was white with glowing red hue. Sembut ternyalum lips smile. Two eyes stared blankly .... Henry reached to hug her. But the body is like intangibles. Difficult to reach out and hug her ....
"Fri ... .., Why all this time Henry could not find you?"
"Mas Henry ....," She whispered softly and gently.
"Kiss Henry, the number ....!" Henry pleaded. Juminah Nyarasakan lips close to his lips. Soft Sapuannya like to fly him instantly. Making Henry carried away in a procession of white clouds up there ... .*

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